Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lazy Couch

I've been on this couch for a two days now and I feel so lazy!! It sucks being sick because you can't even do the fun lazy things a person normally would do when off. I got a cold/flu somewhere along the last few days. Maybe I can blame my friends who were in the house this weekend or when I was out last weekend shopping. I hope that person is feeling better by now :-9

Yesterday I got pretty excited because I got a call from a job I applied to a long, long time ago! Of course, how nice it is that I am now sick and will be all sniffly to go to the interview tomorrow. Well, for now all I can do is try to get better and make sure I have all of my materials ready to go for tomorrow. I plan on leaving early in case I get lost and for the obvious reasons. Getting some good news really got me motivated, so even though I started getting sick yesterday, I still made homemade ham bone soup and cleaned a bit. The soup turned out great!! My mom was on the phone yesterday and kept telling me it wouldn't work since the ham was already cooked. She's never really had much faith in me anyway, so i went for it and it worked!!! In your face MA!!! My boyfriend came home and picked up some awesome garlic breadsticks from the store. They went great with the soup. We ate soup and breadsticks and I watched him play Fable 2 the rest of the night and slept on and off.

I can't wait to play Fable again, I think I'm going to buy a house in town since I have enough money now! Has anyone noticed that none of the males in this game are attractive??? I was looking for someone to marry or flirt with, but they are all ugly for the most part! LOL. Since it's a video game I think it's okay to be a bit stingy!! ( WOW, about ten to twelve deer just ran past my window!! That was crazy, they were going fast! I just caught the first one out of the corner of my eye.) Well, i'm already on the couch, but i'm going to lay down. I am concentrating on a speedy recovery so tomorrow goes well.

The picture is from two days ago. We actually had a very light dusting of snow here in good ole Clarksville and I got so excited about it, I took a picture of it in this pot where I planted basil and cilantro last summer. It's so sad that I got excited over such a tiny bit of snow. Wow, I'm really missing home sometimes.

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